Get Teeth Whitening Strips to go with your fitness plan

So being fitness fanatics we like to take care of our bodies here at the gym and that includes of course exercises, clean eating as much as we can and general hygiene. One other thing we have recently taken an interest in is our teeth. There is nothing worse than having a fantastic body that takes hours of hard work along with clean eating which most people considering more difficult than the actual workouts only to have yellow teeth to undo all of your other hard work. teeth whitening strips

Of course cleaning your teeth is a priority and should be done first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening before bed. There  has also been a range of products from Crest such as teeth whitening tooth paste which is supposed to help a bit but if you need some heavy lifting done (pardon the pun) then what are the options? Well teeth whitening strips and teeth whitening kits are your low cost options to whiten your teeth and then of course there is the professional option of going to a dentist to get your teeth whitening done. This can be expensive and a lot of health insurance policies will not cover such an option as it is seen as cosmetic as opposed to a health issue.

This leaves the lower cost options which seem to be just as effective. Teeth whitening strips are the most popular from this and are available for as little as €35.00 online from so it is not breaking the bank and this will give you two weeks of whitening strips which should be enough to make a noticeable difference. So don’t forget about your teeth when spending so much time on your body and health as teeth are a big factor that a lot of people forget about. Happy training!



Got a Dreambox for the Gym

For a while now we have been looking to do our gym up a little bit without breaking the bank. We have all of the equipment we need including racks, machines, matts, medicine balls etc. but we wanted the gym to look a bit more welcoming more than a fitted out warehouse even though that is what it is. So I had a look online for a few things we needed and came across a few ideas that might help other gym owners around the country save some cash.

The first thing we got was some TV’s. Usually this would be pretty expensive but we went for some generic TV’s and saved several hundred euros as opposed to buying brand new big brand names. These are really only to display music videos and fitness videos so we didn’t need the best of the best but we were surprised by how good they were. To go with this we did not want to sign up for an expensive Virgin media account just to show videos in the gym so we ended up getting what is known as a dreambox from that allows you to play Youtube to the TV. All of this cost us about €600 as opposed to over €1000 if we got a monthly subscription and brand name TV’s.  So if you are around the area pop in and take a look! We have had nothing but positive feedback so’s amazing what you can do without breaking the bank!

Try Giant Sets For Extra Muscle Pump

For years I was like many wanna be bodybuilders trying various programs. I started out on 5×5 strength which is a great program but after a few months it is important to keep progressing. From there I went to Layne Norton’s PHAT routine which standards for power hypertrophy adaptive training and I got fantastic results. I got up to 102kg and down to 10% body fat which is pretty low for me! I actually stayed on this program for years..or should I say I kept this concept of strength training mixed with hypertrophy. I then took a hiatus for 4 months in which I lost 10kg as I was sick for a few weeks of it with a bad illness.

When I came back I was ridiculously weak. I could barely bench 60kg from a max of 140kg so I went back to what I knew which was my own version of the PHAT program, after all I made great gains on it. For some reason I wasn’t making much progress. My Strength came back pretty quickly thanks to muscle memory but I was still a good bit off my max bench and squat. I also struggled to put on muscle and was hovering around the 91kg mark which is very low for me especially after 3 months of training. Looking back on what I was doing at the time I can see why I struggled. Firstly being sick took a lot out of my body but my sessions were not intense at all and I was stuck in the 3 x 8 sets and reps range for each body party. For example for my chest I would do 3 x 8 bench and then 3 x 8 incline bench and that was it for bench…not a whole lot and certainly not what was needed to get where I wanted to be.

I then ran into a personal trainer at my gym and asked him for help. Something which I was always against as I felt I knew enough to get in good shape. He showed me a whole new way of training. I done 1 full week of training with him and I was blown away mentally and physically. Physically I was in agony but in a good way and mentally I felt fresh. He had me doing much higher rep ranges and also giant sets. Giant sets are like super sets but you are targeting the same muscle group for each exercise. For example my giant set for chest could be bench press/flys/incline bench press/dips for 15 reps of each. Unfortunately I dropped a weight on my phone in them middle of my set but managed to get a refurbished iPhone 6. That is 60 reps per set. My muscles felt like they were going to explode. I one this for a few months and was in the best shape of my life. I then added some power stuff at the start of my workout in with it and saw even better results.