Get an Android TV Box for your fitness center

Most small independent gyms are running on a tight budget and already have a large amount of over heads including rent, light, heat, trainers and the upkeep of the equipment (plus many more!). The last thing a gym wants to do is to have to pay a commercial TV license to have a few TV’s on the treadmills for it’s clients. I was at a gym recently in Coogee in Australia and they had Youtube videos playing in the background and often played house music playlists or old UFC fights in the gym. I wondered how they were doing that and inquired to the gym manager. He told me about this android TV box that he has connected to all of the TV’s in the gym. Don’t ask me how this is done but apparently it is not a big deal to set up. He got the android TV box from and it only cost $149.99 and is a one off tv box gym

I know many gym owners and managers don’t have the funding to pay for expensive TV options so I thought I would write a post about this low cost solution. Obviously the TVs will still have to be paid for but these can also be gotten cheap from and I would recommend looking at second hand options to save money or even refurbished options. Things to look for when getting an android box are the processor and the ram but as I said the company above were recommended so can’t seem to go too far wrong with them I am sure.

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