Got a Dreambox for the Gym

For a while now we have been looking to do our gym up a little bit without breaking the bank. We have all of the equipment we need including racks, machines, matts, medicine balls etc. but we wanted the gym to look a bit more welcoming more than a fitted out warehouse even though that is what it is. So I had a look online for a few things we needed and came across a few ideas that might help other gym owners around the country save some cash.

The first thing we got was some TV’s. Usually this would be pretty expensive but we went for some generic TV’s and saved several hundred euros as opposed to buying brand new big brand names. These are really only to display music videos and fitness videos so we didn’t need the best of the best but we were surprised by how good they were. To go with this we did not want to sign up for an expensive Virgin media account just to show videos in the gym so we ended up getting what is known as a dreambox from that allows you to play Youtube to the TV. All of this cost us about €600 as opposed to over €1000 if we got a monthly subscription and brand name TV’s.  So if you are around the area pop in and take a look! We have had nothing but positive feedback so’s amazing what you can do without breaking the bank!

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