Our Goal

Founded in late 2015 alchemy club aims to close the gap on the divide of power and strength training and general cardiovascular fitness. We believe that these ways of training are not mutually exclusive and all 3 can be achieved at the same time. Traditionally power training is a number of big lifts such as the clean, the snatch and the deadlift with a lower rep range and strength training is in the 1 – 5 rep range concentrating on moving maximum weight. Cardiovascular is usually thought of as an elevated heart rate for an extended period of time and this is how people have been designing their program.

We prefer to mix the three together and have gotten great results doing so. For example at the start of a gym session we could do the 1 – 3 rep range for several sets followed by some high rep range exercises (of 8 reps or more) followed by joint sets of 3 – 4 sets of 8 or more reps without any rest.

What this does is gets blood into the muscle which is great for muscle growth and also gets your heart rate higher thus boosting your cardiovascular fitness.

You can visit our sample workout page to see how a full workout would look and download it to your iphone.